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Summer…the best beaches in Guanacaste!!!

Officially, in Costa Rica, the summer vacation start when Christmas and the End of the Year are over. This is because the temperature goes up in a notable way, from 27 Celsius Degrees or higher, at the coast provinces.
Sunny days are normal and since it is very early, almost before 6 a.m. one can see when it begins to get light. It is for this reason that many Costa Ricans are on their rest vacation in January and February, before primary schools and secondary schools begin their courses.
The Pacific Zone where the Guanacaste Province is located (Liberia) is famous due to its high local and foreign tourists’ attendance. Its main reason is that it is an area with a great development of hotels, restaurants, and entertainment places. Guanacaste has a high number of beautiful beaches. Those ones are near one from another. So, they give us the opportunity to visit various beaches in an only day.
Among the most beautiful beaches of this zone are enumerated: Conchal Beach where there is no sand, but tiny shells; Playa Grande Beach with amazing views because it is very wide, and it has big rocks; Carrillo Beach where you would enjoy the shadow given by its abundant palm trees; Danta Beach that is a little hidden and its low swell provides a big pleasure to enjoy the sea calmly; Negra Beach is famous to go surfing and for its landscape; Avellanas Beach offers impressive sunsets with beautiful cloudscapes.
Other more beaches in this interesting list are: Hermosa Beach, Tamarindo Beach, Naranjo Beach, Ocotal Beach, Panamá Beach, Potrero Beach, and Sámara Beach. Some of these beaches have in its surroundings small restaurants, also known as “Sodas”. They have typical food of the zone, or fresh seafood-based dishes that you could savor with your favorite drink, or national beer.
Visiting Costa Rica is to surely enjoy its beautiful beaches, its choices, and its distances. With these recommendations we are sure that you could make since right now your list of the beaches to visit.
Photo by: Courtesy of Hazel Monge-Playa Danta in Guanacaste.

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