Volcan Irazú National Park

Volcanoes will always be a tourist interest due to their unique behavior and form characteristics, in every place of the world.
In our country, Volcán Irazú National Park exists and it is currently “active”. It is located in Cartago, a province characterized for its very different weather and landscape compared to the other provinces. The trip to get to this National Park is quick and easy, because it is situated at 32 kilometers northward from Cartago City.
Its peak has various craters and one of them has an amazing green lake, ideal to take photos of it. This is one of the most popular tourist points to visit in Costa Rica.
During the route to get to the Park, or when you are in your route coming back from it, you can find many little restaurants of typical food to have lunch or to stop there for your coffee time.
This place is doubtlessly in your list!!!
Photo by: Blog Life and Travel in Costa Rica

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