A Blue-Colored Special Place: Río Celeste (light blue river)

When you visit Costa Rica during your vacation, it is probably that you would make an itinerary before your visit to distribute your days. For this reason, I bring you this interesting tour made by Costa Ricans (“Ticos”) and it is enjoyed very much by them.
Today’s chosen place for an interesting tour is “Río Celeste”, located at Guatuso, in Alajuela Province and situated in Volcán Tenorio National Park. This National Park is formed by the confluence of “Buena Vista” River and “Quebrada Agria” River. These rivers are located in Volcán Tenorio’s mountainside.
This tour will give you, from the beginning, a relaxing experience for your eyesight, due to the fact that everything starts taking a walk to go to the waterfall. This walk is not complicated and in the meantime, in the forest’s trail you can observe a great diversity of vegetation and beautiful tall trees.
In fact, the tour guides recommend you to “embrace them” during the journey. This action would produce us a personal peace and relaxation feeling. As you can see in the pictures, this is an impressive river for its coloring: a unique blue at your view.
Photos by: Blog Life and Travel and Rocío Lagos Trujillo.

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