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You like horses and the energy given by riding. Today, we bring for you an interesting recommendation located at Platanar de Florencia in Ciudad Quesada, a place that belongs to Alajuela Province. It is better known as the “Northern Touristic Zone” due to the fact that it is nearby Arenal Volcano. “Ralunas de San Carlos” is the name of this interesting local country estate that offers to the tourist a perfect place to ride and know more about horses, including other kinds of cattle.
According to what Mr. Manuel, its owner, told us, this project’s idea was born from his father. From a simple cattle farm, a little place for rural tourism was started to be developed where the visitors can enjoy the nature and the fauna of the place. This country estate has a mountain and the pleasure of enjoying the fresh water that flows through some trails, and of course, enjoying the clean air.
The most taken tour is the one in which you ride a horse from 60 to 120 minutes, guided by people who know the country estate. This tour includes contemplating wide pastures, the mountain, rivers, and typical local animals of the zone. For Mr. Manuel, his phrase is “Living a different day in harmony with nature.”
Another activity of this place is that it offers the local food service. This means that you eat the typical or local zone’s food, including the Costa Rican delicious desserts. You can take a tour to visit the sugar cane press, to see when the cows are milked, to see how the cattle is fed, to see the local agriculture’s plantation, to see the trees’ plantation, and take Spanish lessons. This place has cattle to get milk and meat; it has pigs growing up, sheep, horses, and chicks.   Schedule: Monday-Sunday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The prices are from $35 or higher. To reserve your place: ralunasdesancarlos@hotmail.com  /  Phone: 506 83856020/506 86331747
Photo by:  Ralunas de San Carlos


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