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Let’s Go to Poás Volcano


Near Alajuela Province, one has to travel less than one hour to get to Poás Volcano National Park. Its main attraction is the “stratovolcano” or “composite volcano”, this is a conical and very high volcano, composed by numerous hardened lava strata or layers. In addition, it has been considered one of the most important volcanic centers of Costa Rica due to its constant activity. It is also a natural wonder in Costa Rica because it is surrounded by a beautiful park where you can take a walk on its trails.  
Poás Volcano is composed by three craters: The “main” one which is the active one, “Von Frantzius Crater”, and “Botos” Crater referring to this zone’s native inhabitants. 
The main crater is 300 meters deep and its diameter is 1.32 kilometers long; therefore, it is one of the biggest craters in the world. It is currently active, throwing off little gas emissions. It also has an acid lagoon. “Botos” Crater is one of the main attractions in this place, due to the fact that it is surrounded by a cloudy rain forest. Then, you can also observe the main crater where one can see a green-colored lagoon due to the sulfuric acid amount that is in the water. It has a 365-meter-diameter.    
Nearby Poás Volcano, you would see a rich biodiversity zone and farming production. The National Park also has a great wild life variety. In the National Park’s surrounding area, one can find typical restaurants and handmade products.
But, another good idea is to take your lunch or afternoon snack because the National Park has special picnic zones. Of course, do not forget taking a good coat, a hat, and a scarf, because the temperature is from 8 to 10 Celsius Degrees.   
Photo by:  Blog Life and Travel in Costa Rica

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