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Natural cork with great style

*This costa rican brand has been trying to recognize the simplicity’s beauty.
We are completely sure that when you visit Costa Rica, you would like to buy a present for you, or to give it to your relatives, or to your friends. This is something of our national design created with the best pleasure. For this reason, today we bring you “Yurika” a costa rican national brand that has been developed with its novel and unique designs made of natural cork.
Its designer who is also an Architect as her profession, Kimberly Yurica, is telling us how this brand has been focused on creating pieces that represent another way to consume and produce. She has her exact words “Making a pause and think how the articles we daily consume are made.” Yurika’s main purpose is to offer a product with “style,” but with vegetable-origin-materials, and made with local and fair labour, Kimberly added.
Each Yurika’s piece tries to glorify what is essential and to omit what is excessive, creating a “key” choice of accessories and clothing. This finds constant inspiration in getting back to timeless ways.
In its main products there are accessories and natural cork handbags, and other garments like organic cotton T-shirts. They always look for key and natural materials. The labour of this brand is already in the costa rican market for 8 years. It is divided in two areas of the country: Tilarán and San José, offering a job mainly to housekeeper women where Kimberly is also fully participating with this group in the process.
Its designs can be totally loved by those people who are looking for a “conscious life” that appreciate the natural materials of high quality. Another important point of this brand is that it creates and designs useful articles, or articles of frequent use for our daily life, so, this would also produce a great investment.
Yurika products are available in its web page and in their social networks like yurikacr.
Photos by: Yurika Studio

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