A local gift with…Environmental Sense!!

What a good sensation is produced by being traveling and enjoying the local shopping offered by the country of high quality and with a different presentation?

For this reason, with bring you in this opportunity an excellent recommendation if you wish to take with you something totally local and 100% natural for the skin’s care made in Costa Rica.

Ara Jabones Artesanales (Ara Handmade Soaps) is a Pyme enterprise dedicated to produce and commercialize natural soaps that promote the healthy concept for every kind of skin. Among its specialties, there are these delightful mixtures: activated carbon, palmarosa & shea nuts, mint & eucalyptus, lavender & lemongrass, beeswax & sweet orange, cocoa, coffee & vanilla.

The interesting part of this business that has the Costa Rican Seal and that was initiated by professionals in Engineering and in the Environment is that it has achieved to combine Science with Art, producing perfumed soaps, strengthening the natural elements’ use with a great environmental sense.

More information: (506) 8334-3917 with Natalia Barboza:

Photo by:  Ara Jabones Artesanales-Costa Rica

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