National design is rescuing our Oxcarts’ Value

* They have been one of the most famous handicrafts since the middle of the 19th Century.
After declaring the “Oxherd” and the “Oxcart” as Immaterial Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2005, in the year 2017, the Costa Rican product and graphic designers are joining the recognized “Oxcarts’ Painter” Luis Madrigal who has more than 35 years of experience to create deep respect and love towards the tradition. So, exclusive products full of identity are back in the unique oxcarts’ painting.
“El Canto” (“Singing”) is the Brand that represents this interesting design and fashionable project in Costa Rica. It is the only one in its environment due to the fact that this is the first time in which the oxcarts’ ornamentation technique is being worked in detail, joining an oxcart painter (Luis Madrigal) and a graphic designer (Daniel Ramírez).
Its name “El Canto” (“Singing”) is from the oxcart’s unique sound. Each of them makes a special sound while traveling. Many years ago, it was possible to recognize who was coming when his/her oxcart was traveling from a distance of 1 kilometer from the point you were in your current position, only by hearing his/her oxcart’s sound. We were explained by El Canto’s Designer and Manager, Vanessa Chacón, that it was a very personal way of expression.
These exclusive garments are available at the main design shops: Apartado Creativo, Ñ, Este o Este, Casa Diwo, Piso 7, Espacio, Insólita, CL Casa de Modas, Coral Boutique, and Guatu in Guanacaste. Ordering by Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp 8857-7666, it will be sent to any part of the world. Contacts:
Doubtlessly, this would be one of the best gifts you can take from Costa Rica, because each piece is exclusive, to use frequently, in addition, it is a souvenir full of Art and History.
 Photo by: El Canto-Costa Rica

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