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A pleasant way to prepare coffee

*A 100% local product, crafted by Costa Rican artisans.
While we were taking a walk through the FID (International Design Festival) recently held in our country, the brand CR Woodcraft captured our attention immediately. We stopped and approached the small stand with its product that, in my opinion, where almost unique in their design. Mario León, who kindly provided us his presentation card, commented that he, along with his friend David and his two brothers where the ones that started this woodcraft brand.
The name of the brand has its origin in using wood as the main product and producing or doing something with dedication, skill and ingenuity: to craft.
The products of the brand CR Woodcraft have as purpose a “daily use” either in the house or in the office. Among their main products we can find the famous “Chorreador de Café”, crafted with great taste and “La Colmena”, an attractive honey dispenser. Both products are inspired in the direct relationship between bees and coffee flowers due to caffeine. They wish to take this to people that enjoy beauty and design in daily life products.
Something that really captured our attention is their intention to elaborate their products with total integrity. That is why, as a group, they have decided to support local artisans with the elaboration of their products. They extract the raw material they use only from forests managed responsibly and have invested a percentage of the utilities in planting new forests through the Association “Let’s plant trees”, in which Mario is also he co-founder.
Because of this, it would be an excellent option for an exclusive souvenir from Costa Rica to take to your home or office, but above all, of great use in the morning for preparing breakfast or any other activity where you wish to share with others a good Costa Rican coffee or some toasts with honey.
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Photos by CR Woodcraft

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