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Summer is JOY in Costa Rica

When packing for a trip to the beach, pool, river or lake in our country there is something women cannot forget in our suitcase: the useful and comfortable swimwear cover-ups, as they protect us from the sun when we do not want too much. And, this piece of clothing gives us style in a relaxed way.
The flashy robes to protect from the sun of the designer Francesca Arati in Costa Rica have arrived and they are one of the most attractive beach clothing in our section “Local Shop”. With the hot summer we are facing now in Costa Rica, where the temperatures during mornings and afternoons go up to 29 or 30 Celsius degrees, this type of garment is almost indispensable in the luggage.
The concept of this new collection is about “Joy”, using intense colors and geometric figures inspired in flowers, which stand out in the prints that are unique designs of the brand. They come in a light fabric, soft to the touch, polyester type and are available in 4 different prints in their online store.
We have no doubt that this new collection is focused on women that are looking for more versatile, fresh and exclusive designer clothing. The brand Francesca Arati was born in 2015 as a proposal of a 100% Costa Rican design, using mainly printed fabrics design by the founder Sofía Espinoza Tosi. Web:
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