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Costa Rican jewelry design

Ximena Esquivel is a young Costa Rican that ventured into jewelry since she was 19 years old. Strongly influenced by her mother and aunt, she started working her first pieces with her hands motivated by what she thought her target audience might like. She created original pieces inspired by the Costa Rican nature and incorporating great textures.
In May this year, this entrepreneur opened the doors of her own store “Ximena Esquivel Joyería” in Plaza Tempo Escazú, close to Cima Hospital, with the support of her parents, as she commented, based on the knowledge she acquired on advertising design and goldsmith at the national and international level.
Her collections are not what we are used to find in the different jewelry stores. She describes her style as “classic- versatile- original”. It means that any piece of jewelry that you purchase from her you can use it if you are looking for a formal or more informal look. It would fit your needs accordingly.
She uses mostly pearls, crystals and sterling silver for her jewels. All of them are hand-made in Costa Rica and completely original. She also uses stones brought form all around the world and always preserves the natural shape of the stones she uses.
According to her, her success is due to a lot of effort, proper management, constant and up to date training, and being autodidact. For these reasons, you can find her art in different art and design stores, in the Costa Rican airports and renowned hotel chains. Be sure to visit this interesting jewelry store when visiting our country. Location: Plaza Tempo, Escazú. For more information:

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