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The famous Peach-Palm..Costa Rican Spanish “Pejibaye”

The peach-palm is the fruit of a tropical palm tree. The peach-palm is very high in fiber and it is one of the “previous-cooked” fruits most used by Costa Ricans to enjoy a delicious morning or afternoon coffee. Normally, the peach-palm is cooked in boiling water with a tad of sugar and a tad of salt during 45 minutes. Once it is cooked, it is peeled and eaten individually, cut in the middle. It can also be eaten with a little mayonnaise on it.

The complete peach-palm’s bunch to cook can be gotten at the Farmer’s Market, in different provinces of the country, mainly on weekends. The peach-palms can also be gotten already cooked and packed, or also recently boiled, ready to eat in the main country’s markets or supermarkets.

The peach-palm is currently an exclusive ingredient for creams, salads, and typical dishes of many restaurants in Costa Rica. For this reason, the peach-palm (pejibaye) is something that you should taste during your next visit, on its different preparations.

Photo by:  Blog Life and Travel in Costa Rica

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