Surfing in Costa Rica…Exciting!

Surfing is a sport enjoyed by many people in Costa Rica’s beaches, taking advantage of their good waves, safety, and tranquility to practice it.

In Costa Rica exist some beaches with appropriate characteristics to go surfing, among them we find: Tamarindo and Avellanas in Guanacaste. Tamarindo is a very crowded beach due to its tourist development. Avellanas Beach, has for example, world-class-waves because they are large and strong. This beach is also ideal for its relaxing environment to read a book or to ride a horse.
Another one is Guiones Beach. This one is very visited by all-level-surfers. At this beach exist a famous refuge called Ostional Wildlife Refuge where the arriving wild turtles can be seen. This place is outstanding for its clean waters and sands due to the fact that its residents and tourists take a lot of care of it.
Roca Bruja at Naranjo Beach is located inside Santa Rosa National Park. It is another great Surf’s destination due to the fact that it has fast and strong waves. There are no hotels in its surroundings, but there are interesting camping areas that allow to live the place’s nature. Its best period is from December to March because the climate is windier.
Salsa Brava is located at the Caribbean, in Puerto Viejo. It offers another exclusive landscape. Some people say that it is a paradise for its lush nature. At this place, it is common to find small stores where surfboards can be rented. Different Surf levels are taught in these places, generally by local people who know the dynamics of the site’s waves. The best period in this beach is from January to August.
Finally, another beach that is very visited for this activity is Pavones Beach, located in the Pacific Coast. This beach is covered by a lot of jungle in its surroundings. The surfers who visit it are more of intermediate level or of advanced level. From downtown San José City, one could last from 6 to 8 hours while one enjoys the landscapes of the route.
In any of these beaches, something that is very positive is that you would find local training schools to get started in Surf. Those schools would guide you within the beach’s characteristics or they would offer you important tips as part of the experience.
If you want more updated information about the next available Surf championships or courses during this period, you can also contact the “Federación de Surf de Costa Rica” (Costa Rican Surf Federation)
Photo by:  Hazel Monge for Blog Life and Travel in Costa Rica.

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