“Jocotes” in Costa Rica

This is a fruit with seed that is liked a lot and it is different in our country due to the fact that it is very juicy while eating it. It is known as a seasonal fruit because it is from June to August when you can get it in its best version.
The most known ones are called “Tronadores” (Booming) or “Corona” (Crown). It is curious, but each one has a different taste while one is eating it due to its ripening phase. A lot of people eat them with salt, or, on the other hand, people prepare them in a kind of sweet syrup dessert.
Most of these delicious “jocotes” come from the Aserrí-San José Zone. From there, they are taken to the big vegetable and fruit markets of the country. This fruit has many nutrients, among them the Vitamin “C” to avoid the Flu. It is normal to get them in one-kilo-bags with 32 “jocotes”, it would seem at the moment a lot to eat, but, when you start eating them, you would not stop due to their juice and the sensation that they produce to your palate. This is a fruit to taste in Costa Rica!!!
Photo by:  Blog Life and Travel in Costa Rica


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