Great Sculptures Exhibition

• The works are located in San José’s main avenues.
• This exhibition has been declared of touristic and cultural interest by the Costa Rican government.
It is possible that when you are in Costa Rica, you would want to visit San José City, in San José Province. Here, there are a lot of restaurants, historical parks, museums, the government’s main offices, and the famous Central Market.
But now, we tell you a great news, because currently, downtown San José is awarded with an important exhibition called “The Sphere’s Strength and Universality,” made up by 27 monumental sculptures of the Costa Rican sculptor Jorge Jiménez Deredia. These ones are made of marble and bronze.
These works’ inspiration lies in the origins of the pre-Columbian Culture called “Boruca” whose civilization used stone spheres with astronomical, social, and artistic purposes.
For the artist, the universality of the sphere means union and continuity, contrasting other cultures like the Inca and the Aztec that build pyramids. The most predominant sculpture is one made of marble that weighs 40 tonnes called “Costa Rica’s Genesis.” Its main objective, as the sculptor has commented, is to awake the interest and to call the attention within the globalizing process that we are living.
Other works with other formats are being completed with activities of the Museo del Oro del Banco Central (Central Bank Gold Museum) and the Museo de Jade (Jade’s Museum) in San José. Of course, these works have the honor of being admired and photographed while taking an entertained walk during your visit to Costa Rica, mainly in these times that the weather is warm, in full summer.

Photo by:  Blog Life and Travel in Costa Rica

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