Part 3: Río Perdido Hotel & Thermal River… Meditation’s Pleasure

*More details about its attractions.

Mmm… Volcanic mud just at South of the thermal canyon’s main access of Río Perdido. Here is a special pool of the hot river designed specifically for the distinctive volcanic mud treatment. This particular mud of high quality contains a lot of natural compounds, including Sulfur.

But, if your thing is Yoga, at the canyon’s side, this activity is being practiced at a level called “Very-Well-Done Meditation,” due to the fact that the unique and hidden Río Perdido’s environment is the perfect setting for reflection and meditation. While the thermal-mineral swimming pools at the thermal canyon and at the springs allow the guests to jump between the warm and cold water, three mineral swimming pools provide a space to explore the charming temperature variations allowed by the environment.

The Spa “Bienestar” (“Well-being”) is a special place if you want to treat an old injury or simply relax, although an ordinary bath in any thermal water would be the ideal beginning to pamper your body.    “Hiking” is ideal in this place for those visitors who are looking for the exploration of the nearby zone taking walks. The walks generally end in panoramic viewpoints, one of them is very attractive, it is called “MESA NORTE” (“NORTH TABLE”). In this place, from the peak, one can see all the Guanacaste Province Volcanoes, including Miravalles Volcano, Rincón de la Vieja Volcano, and Tenorio Volcano.

Other interesting experiences with more adrenalin in this place are “Tubing” at Río Blanco and “Tubing” at Río Perdido where modern equipment is safely applied for the people who participate in them.

Río Perdido Hotel & Thermal River currently offers the Original East Bungalows and the Center Bungalows. The last ones have a wider space and a “corbel” balcony: Its rear façade’s width is of 40 feet and it has windows from the floor to the ceiling. This allows a panoramic and gleaming view to the forest, including the volcanic rock floors of local origin and the teak wood panels. There is no more to tell about this place, because it deserves your live and direct visit. Río Perdido is waiting for you as part of your visit to Costa Rica. More information:

Photo by: Río Perdido Hotel & Termal River

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