“Chicharrones”… a dish that you should taste!

If you have in your timetable a trip to Costa Rica, obviously when this pandemic that has been affecting everyone in the world would be already controlled, we would want to recommend you to have in your traditional food list to taste the famous “Chicharrones a la Tica” (Tico Style Pork Crackling). We can call this dish with this name because everybody eats it as a temporary dish for special celebrations, or for a very well-known snack food called “Boca” (literally translated from Spanish as “mouth”).

Pork Crackling is the name given to the pork cooked in small pieces into a big metal frying pan or bowl. Here, the pork is cooked in its own grease during some hours. The pork is added salt at the level considered good and also some aromatic herbs are added according to the house or restaurant cook.

When pork crackling is ready and hot, it is generally eaten with manioc or with boiled or cooked green plantain. They can also be eaten with tomato chimichurri sauce and some lemon slices to spread their juice over the pork crackling. Of course, in some cases, for those who like the beer, they are eaten with a very good Costa Rican beer like Imperial, Pilsen, or with the new handmade choices of beer.

It is very interesting to live the pork crackling preparation experience in any tour offered in our country for tourists. This is the case of Don Manuel Montoya at Platanar de San Carlos (it is located in the Northern Zone, near La Fortuna). He offers different kinds of tours with horse riding in his exotic property. Here, the experience of knowing the traditional recipe of “Chicharrones a la Tica” (Tico Style Pork Crackling Recipe) is included. Please, do not miss tasting a delicious pork crackling dish with any of our traditional drinks, supporting the Rural Tourism in Costa Rica.

More information of this attractive tours at and in Facebook Ralunasdesancarlos Manuel Montoya.

Photo by: Ralunas de San Carlos
Our famous “Chicharrones” are ready to eat.


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