Typical Food

  • Special place in the center of Amón Neighborhood

    Since you arrive at the place, your sight is captured by tasteful and cozy decoration, which immediately reminds you of that feeling you get at your grandma´s house, but with a modern spin. Alma Amon has an inviting atmosphere, perfect for conversation with friends or family, or a business meeting.

    Kathy, part of the team behind this project, gave us a short tour of the restaurant. She tells us that the place is a fusion of different Latinamerican traditions and trends, from its ambience to its delicious plates and beverages. Such is the case of the cocktail, “Chespirito” (made with with ginger beer, tequila, lemon of “Tapa de Dulce”, very typical in CR), and the Shrimp-Coconut and Lemon ceviche, which has a very distinctive Caribbean flavor.

    Photos of Franklin Chang, Papa Benedicto, Chespirito, Pele, Eva Perón and other famous faces decorate its old brick walls and a beautiful custom wallpaper enhances the décor of the place, together with the soft latin music in the background. Make sure you don´t miss the delicious homemade desserts such as: chocolate churros, and crème caramel with coconut.

    Schedule: Monday through Thursday from 11 am to 11 pm/ Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 12 pm/Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm. Location: San Jose Center, Calle 5, Avenida 9.

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  • Have you heard about the famous “Churchill” in CR? 

     It is a product usually sold in Puntarenas, Costa Rica. Especially for relieve thirst an heat.

    The ingredients are ice, kola syrup, condensed milk, powdered milk, and sometimes it includes ice cream and wafers.

    Now you can get it in a different way.   Also known as a Churchill’s Ice Cream.  The taste is very similar to the original crushed ice Churchill’s of Puntarenas. 

    With your visit to CR you should try them. They are delicious!!! You can get this product in San José:  www.facebook.com/DeliciasLaConstancia

    The new restaurant Saúl Bistro, located in Curridabat, keeps inside its walls a history of nearly one hundred years. The first owners of this house gave to it a great personality by introducing exuberant flora and promoting harmonious environments. 
    Besides the somewhat eclectic style that you can experience in this new restaurant, you can find a varied menu where the famous crepes stand out, as there is broad selection of both sweet and savory options. This makes it difficult to decide what to order.
    Just as the crepes, there is also a broad selection of cold, hot and alcoholic beverages. Also, you can find gluten-free products and vegetarian options. 
    This can be an excellent destination for you, your friends and your family, where you can taste a good coffee, a glass of wine or a natural energetic drink. Or, if you wish, you can have a delicious lunch or dinner. The brand Saúl Bistro first entered our country trough its stores dedicated to selling causal and elegant clothing for men. But now, it has made its incursion into gastronomy with a truly unique style that promotes a contemporary atmosphere combining European avant-garde with a solid Latin identity. 
    More information: 2279-0111/ 2279-0202. Location: Curridabat  Facebook: www.facebook.com/SaulBistroPinares

  • The peach-palm is the fruit of a tropical palm tree. The peach-palm is very high in fiber and it is one of the “previous-cooked” fruits most used by Costa Ricans to enjoy a delicious morning or afternoon coffee. Normally, the peach-palm is cooked in boiling water with a tad of sugar and a tad of salt during 45 minutes. Once it is cooked, it is peeled and eaten individually, cut in the middle. It can also be eaten with a little mayonnaise on it.

    The complete peach-palm’s bunch to cook can be gotten at the Farmer’s Market, in different provinces of the country, mainly on weekends. The peach-palms can also be gotten already cooked and packed, or also recently boiled, ready to eat in the main country’s markets or supermarkets.

    The peach-palm is currently an exclusive ingredient for creams, salads, and typical dishes of many restaurants in Costa Rica. For this reason, the peach-palm (pejibaye) is something that you should taste during your next visit, on its different preparations. 

    Photo by:  Blog Life and Travel in Costa Rica 

    Have you ever heard of the “cajetas” in Costa Rica? And how these are never missing after a family lunch or even dinner?
    They are homemade artisanal candy that Costaricans love as part of their traditions.
    In a small house in the center of Tarbaca about 5 or 6 kilometers from Aserri,  the ”Cajetas” have their place.
    Some “Cajetas” are made with powdered milk, coconut, nuts, peanuts and   macadamia. There are some made with a milk base and some made with “Tapa de Dulce” (a form of cooked cane sugar).
    At the “Casita de la Cajeta” you will find a delicious traditional treat to carry in your suitcase and share with your friends and family back home.
    For More information: 2230-6156. Located:  Tarbaca de Aserrí.