Do you like coffee, but really good coffee? Then you have to visit "Castilla Coffee House" in Barva, Heredia, where Diego, a young economist and a coffee lover such as his dad, Mister William, will offer you an excellent cup of coffee with a different taste to those you have tasted before. The coffee they offer to the visitors comes from the main coffee producing areas of Costa Rica and is of gourmet type top quality. 
    You can choose the coffee you wish, choosing between a more acid, intense, sweet, flavored or more balanced taste. Additionally, you will find delicious homemade snacks that they prepare themselves for these special cups of coffee. Part of the experience that you will live is that any information you wish to know about the Costa Rican coffee, any details, history or others, they will know how to answer you because they have been and always will be true coffee lovers. "What better experience is having a coffee... but informed". 
    Further remembering that Costa Rica is one of the best coffee producers in the world, especially for its quality and not volume.
    Café Castilla has been 11 years in the same place with the main intention of offering the "diversification of coffee by region in Costa Rica".
    Location: Barva, Heredia, 125 meters south of the Municipality. You can also find them using Waze. They are open Monday to Saturday from 9:30 to 20:00.
  • Special place in the center of Amón Neighborhood

    Since you arrive at the place, your sight is captured by tasteful and cozy decoration, which immediately reminds you of that feeling you get at your grandma´s house, but with a modern spin. Alma Amon has an inviting atmosphere, perfect for conversation with friends or family, or a business meeting.

    Kathy, part of the team behind this project, gave us a short tour of the restaurant. She tells us that the place is a fusion of different Latinamerican traditions and trends, from its ambience to its delicious plates and beverages. Such is the case of the cocktail, “Chespirito” (made with with ginger beer, tequila, lemon of “Tapa de Dulce”, very typical in CR), and the Shrimp-Coconut and Lemon ceviche, which has a very distinctive Caribbean flavor.

    Photos of Franklin Chang, Papa Benedicto, Chespirito, Pele, Eva Perón and other famous faces decorate its old brick walls and a beautiful custom wallpaper enhances the décor of the place, together with the soft latin music in the background. Make sure you don´t miss the delicious homemade desserts such as: chocolate churros, and crème caramel with coconut.

    Schedule: Monday through Thursday from 11 am to 11 pm/ Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 12 pm/Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm. Location: San Jose Center, Calle 5, Avenida 9.

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    *This is going to be a pleasant and small tour close to the city.
    We came to a sweet spot and, above all, charming to the palate for all of us that enjoy chocolate. This place I am telling you about is the "Chocolatería Britt", a store that for sure is going to be completely new for those that have not visit of heard about it. 
    But hey, what a better way to start the tour than with an excellent tasting of the Costa Rican coffee to get to know every corner of this chocolate store. 
    Many can imagine that the Britt brand is just "good coffee" from Costa Rica, and what they do not know is that now this brand also offers a line of delicious and exclusive products based on cocoa. We could find in our visit: various seeds for the best taste of each person, covered in chocolate, truffles, tropical fruits from the country (such as berries, passion fruit, cas, orange, all of them with chocolate), attractive and giant chocolate bars, and for a stronger and different flavor to our palate there are the cocoa beans covered with chocolate. It is hard to know what to choose between all of these delicious products.
    Besides the pleasant attention given in the store for the acquisition or tasting of the products, we could observe that the products have been design in an exclusive way following a great artisan process. Some of them call our attention, like the "Naranja Confitada" and the famous french "Macaroons" that have been tropicalized into our tropical fruits that, of course, you should taste when you take the tour in this store. 
    *Chocolatería Britt belongs to the Britt brand, a brand of gourmet and innovative products: gourmet chocolates, cookies and other products. 
    Opening hours: 10 am to 8 pm. Location: second floor, third stage of Multiplaza Escazú. Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ChocolateriaBritt/