*Made in Costa Rica
    Do you like vegan-vegetarian food? Or do you like to eat in a healthy and different way, possibly with vegetables and legumes you have never used in your kitchen? We have for you an excellent recommendation very close to San José. 
    We went, with this hot weather, to the restaurant Neshuma, located in the center of San Pedro, 10 or 15 minutes away from San José downtown. In this occasion we ordered a Neshuma style pizza with eggplant and vegan cheese... and it was delicious!!  And of course, we ordered a craft beer called La Selva-Rubia, from the area of Guanacaste. It is made with orange peel. 
    Neshuma, with its relaxed and fresh environment, offers among its specialties the dish of the day made in a creative way, bakery made at home, and a complete menu of other choices, where you can find pizza, "pastoreo" ice cream, raw clusters, craft beers from different regions of the country, tea such as the lavender tea, Costa Rican organic wines and some gluten-free products. 
    Do not hesitate in visiting this restaurant if you like vegan or vegetarian food with a good taste, a fair price and very close to the city. 
    For more information:   Location: Comercial Plaza San Pedro, San Pedro, San José, Costa Rica
  • Special place in the center of Amón Neighborhood

    Since you arrive at the place, your sight is captured by tasteful and cozy decoration, which immediately reminds you of that feeling you get at your grandma´s house, but with a modern spin. Alma Amon has an inviting atmosphere, perfect for conversation with friends or family, or a business meeting.

    Kathy, part of the team behind this project, gave us a short tour of the restaurant. She tells us that the place is a fusion of different Latinamerican traditions and trends, from its ambience to its delicious plates and beverages. Such is the case of the cocktail, “Chespirito” (made with with ginger beer, tequila, lemon of “Tapa de Dulce”, very typical in CR), and the Shrimp-Coconut and Lemon ceviche, which has a very distinctive Caribbean flavor.

    Photos of Franklin Chang, Papa Benedicto, Chespirito, Pele, Eva Perón and other famous faces decorate its old brick walls and a beautiful custom wallpaper enhances the décor of the place, together with the soft latin music in the background. Make sure you don´t miss the delicious homemade desserts such as: chocolate churros, and crème caramel with coconut.

    Schedule: Monday through Thursday from 11 am to 11 pm/ Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 12 pm/Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm. Location: San Jose Center, Calle 5, Avenida 9.

    More information:




    * A country strategy led by CACORE in Costa Rica at the time.
    Innovation with cultural identity, fair trade, fresh products, native, with sustainable practices, and above all, with nutritional balance: these is what the Costa Rican National Sustainable and Healthy Plan is looking for, coordinated by the Costa Rican Chamber of Restaurants and Related (CACORE). The initiative strengthens the productive clusters, impacting the general population and the foreign tourists that visit our country. 
    This new plan aims to position the Costa Rican gastronomy as a component of the "Costa Rican" touristic destination additional to the other attractions our county has, using native and regional plants in the elaboration of its gastronomic menus. 
    In this way, our Costa Rican gastronomy can be positioned in the national and international levels with a diverse, sustainable, healthy and creative offer, promoting at the end the productive clusters that will benefit the producers and entrepreneurs, and with that, it will help boost the local and national economy, 
    Some important parts that this plan incorporates are: the conservation of the edible biodiversity resources, sustainable and organic production of native foods, innovative and traditional uses, national and touristic consumers with better health and wellbeing, and a higher human development (better positioned destination), said míster Alejandro Madrigal, Executive Director of CACORE. 
    When you visit our country is very possible that you will find a restaurant, cafeteria or even a small food place somewhere in the rural area that already fulfill this "attributes" as an added value and therefore, you will be a part of this gastronomic cluster. 
    For more information of the list of restaurants that belong to his plan designed by CACORE:
    Photo by:  CACORE