September’s weather is standing out in our country because it is very rainy and sunny. In the morning, since 5 o’clock you can see the strong sun that is entering through your room’s window. But, the afternoons can be very rainy or cloudy. You could also feel some unexpected small earthquakes, generally due to the fact of the drastic temperature’s change. 

    For the same reason, we suggest you to use very fresh clothes during this season. These can be cotton clothes or another fresh fabric. Do not forget to bring sandals or comfortable shoes, sunglasses, sun block, and also a kind of shoes that protect you from the water when it arrives. You should drink a lot of water to avoid being dehydrated. It is also important to take a little umbrella into your handbag and a cropped sweater to protect yourself from the unexpected rain that is coming during the afternoons. Of course, you should not forget the repellent, because depending on where you are, you can have a weather change that can produce the mosquitoes’ presence. 

    For the same thing, if you would take a tour or a walk, we would suggest you to take advantage of the early morning, because the afternoons could change your plan, or you could not fully enjoy the chosen route because we are in the rainy season. But, in the same way, a simple plastic raincoat would not exceed among the things you should take with you, if you want to take full advantage of the entire day.

    Costa Rica is a small country and the most curious datum is that the weather on its different and near provinces can be so variable at the same time.