Hanzell Carballo is a young Costa Rican radio speaker, reporter, and radio producer who has been dedicated to this kind of works for more than 16 years. But, we should say that she also loves her country, mainly the beautiful Caribbean beaches.

    For this reason, as a singer-songwriter, she launched to the market a song with a striking video called “Costa Rica Pura Vida” (You Feel the Best in Costa Rica). This musical piece is part of a record called “LUNA” (MOON). The people loved this record because it describes very well what we feel when we are in our beaches.

    This production’s line is “Pop root” that has some beachy air. As she says, we are very attracted to the beaches in Costa Rica. We can travel fast to those places to have fun; going to the beach is part of the Costa Rican Being.

    This song shows on its images Puerto Viejo at the Caribbean Zone where they made a lot of the video filming. Puerto Viejo is one of this Costa Rican young woman’s favorite places because it gathers bungalows, nature, crystalline water, and fauna with a non-commercial sense. In the same way, we can see Bahía Ballena and the Irazú Volcano, remembering of course, the mountains that look to the Central Valley. In this record, LUNA, Hanzell shared her ideas with the producer Cristián Labra Valldeperas. LUNA includes fusion, ballad, and also Costa Rican rhythm salsa.


    We invite you to listen to “Costa Rica Pura Vida” in our Blog to get excited to come soon to our exclusive and relaxing beaches. The LUNA record is available at Spotify if you want to download it and obtain it. More information:


    Photo by:  Hanzell Carballo

    We traveled to the Caribbean Zone to enjoy its culture and also its beautiful beaches. We were looking for tasting real rice and beans with coconut milk in a local restaurant. We also wanted to appreciate a wonderful twilight in a relaxed environment. This was some of what we were looking for while visiting this zone. 
    One part of this trip was to know in the same place Le Caméléon Hotel, situated at Puerto Viejo’s locality. It is also very near to the famous Cocles Beach, an attractive place lost into a real rain forest.  
    This minimalist hotel made us rest, forgetting the city’s noise and bustle. This is because its comfort and privacy could invite you to stay in your room, thinking immediately about a room service to have dinner. 
    Another detail that caught our attention was the silence and tranquility that are perceived in this hotel due to the fact that its style is not massive: they do not have many guests. This means that the little sound you could hear is the mix of the sound produced by the own local fauna and some downpours that are typical of the Caribbean weather.  
    Le Caméléon has its own private Beach Club. The best of it is that it is very near to the rooms, because you go across the street and you arrive right there, at the beachfront. In the same way, it offers a Jungle Spa with a wide treatment variety. 
    We must talk about the delicious breakfast that we ate the next morning. Our eyesight and our palate were keen on the guest assistance and the food presentation, because we chose to ask for the Costa Rican typical breakfast: gallo pinto, eggs, cheese, and obviously, a good coffee with very fresh handmade bread. 
    We loved the Caribbean Zone’s detail that the different beaches like Cahuita, Gandoca, Bonita, Manzanillo, Cocles, and many others are all together like in a line. They are connected among them and we can access to them easily. You can visit all of them almost the same day. For this reason, we recommend you to take some snaks and drinks with you, into your travel bag to enjoy your day the best you can do, if one of the beaches invites you to stay more time on it. You can also visit one of the local restaurants that offer a wide Caribbean Food variety. For more information:  
    Personally, I am a lover of the Spa massages of some of the Costa Rican hotels. They are excellent! But this time I found it extremely pleasant and very different the option that offers Hermosa Beach, Guanacaste in its own beach to relax and say goodbye to the stress. 
    Mirna is one of those people from the area that you can find in Hermosa Beach while you are walking around. She, with her therapeutic chair decorated with colorful towels, is the one inviting you to a relaxing massage without thinking much!  This young woman from Guanacaste has 5 years of experience giving therapeutic massages at this beach. She has a diploma from the UTN (our National Technical University) in Guanacaste in therapeutic massage. She does her work in an unconventional manner, no in the traditional way a Spa will do it inside a cabin, but she offers her massages with the breeze of the beach, the sound of the waves and the freshness of palm trees, a unique experience for anyone. The massages the tourist visiting the beach request the most are: the relaxing massage, the therapeutic massage, the combined one or in "deep tissue" when stress strikes deeply. 
    She happily mentions how her massages can change the sate of mood of some of her visitors and can take away some problems such as fluid retention, inflammation, sciatic nerve and cases where stress hasn't been easily released.   For more information: 8527-4065. Ask for Mirna- Hermosa Beach Massages

    Are you visiting Costa Rica for business or pleasure? You cannot miss the opportunity of tasting the delicious Caribbean cuisine of our country. You will find it very accessible or almost normal if you visit for tourism the Atlantic area, but it will take you a few hours traveling there. For this reason, we give an excellent option if you are only staying in San José and not planning on visiting the Atlantic area. This alternative, very close to San José donwtown, is called "Caribbean Delights" in Tibás Coffee and Lunch. 
    This little restaurant, decorated with many colors of the Caribbean culture, offers you diverse snacks and Caribbean dishes for lunch, a coffee in the afternoon or a dinner prepared in a rapid way. Among the dishes they offer you can find: patty, rice and beans, plantains, Caribbean sweet bread, chicken-meat or fish Caribbean style, banana and carrot cupcakes, and of course, the refreshing Caribbean drinks such as  "hiel" with sugar, lemon and ginger, and the "sorrel" with Jamaican rose and ginger. But the most different thing about this place is the delicious Caribbean sauce they prepare. You will want to put more of this sauce to your Caribbean dish. 
    Location: San Juan de Tibás, Plaza del Valle. Only 10 minutes away from San José downtown.
    Jaco Ropes is a new adventure tour in Jaco, Costa Rica that will make your family vacation.  The tour can be completed by the entire family and the staff is always happy to help if you ever need it but you are always safe with the top of the line safety equipment.  Jaco Ropes Park has  green hiking trails that arrive until the beach.
    "The tour offers activities like elevated bridges, tire pass, surfing in the air and a Tarzan swing just to name the favourites"  said Jaco Rope´s personal.
    The new adventure zip line canopy tour is the most fun you can have in Jaco for $45, guaranteed. More information:

    Costa Rica has two important  public transport companies to go to Guanacaste.  Alfaro Transport Company and Tralapa Buses.
    Alfaro Transport Company started its services in 1958. Now it has 3 principals routes:  San José – Santa Cruz via Puente de la Amistad (ruta # 1502), San José – Nicoya via Puente de la Amistad (ruta # 1507), San José – Nicoya via Liberia (ruta # 503).
    These routes cover the following destinations: Santa Cruz, Nicoya, Samara, Carrillo, Guiones, Nosara, Tamarindo, Hojancha among others.  Its prices are between :  $6 dollars and $10 dollars. In high season, the different routes are reinforced with extra buses to provide a better service.
    More the 10.000 people meet daily in the new mega bus terminal from 7am to 10pm. In this place there are restaurants and different services for your trip. Also, there are screens where the users can see the schedules and departing times, just like at the Airport.  Location: Mega Bus Terminal, Barrio México in San José. If you want to know these schedules, you can to call  (506) 2680-0392 - 2221-7202.
    Other option,  is Tralapa Buses, they also travel to Guanacaste. This service offers different options to several beaches in Guanacaste.  Location:  Calle 22 y 20 Av 5, San José, Costa Rica. Tralapa has  3 bus services daily.  Its prices are approximately $8-$12 per person, depending on the trip. For more information call:  (506) 2680-0392 - 2221-7202. 
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