Are you visiting or will visit the San Carlos area near La Fortuna-Arenal Volcano? We have and excellent recommendation of a place if you wish to observe more closely the Arenal Lagoon in all of its splendor with more detail, and also, if you wish, with a good cup of Costa Rican coffee or a specialty regarding local food in a creative way. The Toad Hall is a small hotel in the middle of the mountain near the lagoon and has a great view to it.  Under a boutique hotel style, this place is set among a great variety of green nature that surrounds the gigantic Arenal Lagoon. The environment in the hotel is very warm and perfect to rest with its beautiful views and the tranquility of the area.
    This hotel has family-oriented spaces as well as spaces for couples, private suites and special events. Each room has its own personality in decoration, which makes them even cozier.
    They also offer the "Arenal Adventures Tours" for those who wish a little more of adventure in their trip. The place is located close to the Arenal Volcano, natural hot springs, the Venado Caves, Tilarán and also the beaches in Guanacaste if you wish to continue your journey a little more bordering the Arenal Lagoon. 
    For more information: 2692-8181
    Location: La Unión, 9 kilometres SW from Nuevo Arenal on route 142. Arenal, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. 
    It is a very popular tradition that each year, the Municipality of San José in Costa Rica organizes for the month of December the famous "Festival of Light" during the evening. It can be said that the activity marks the beginning of Christmas in the main streets of the San José province. 
    This year the event is taken place on Saturday December 17 at 6 pm, normally the second Saturday of the month. Attractive carriages and music bands from all over the country, with the support of private and public companies, organizations and associations, will show their talent and creativity using lights. 
    Normally, this parade starts in front of the national gymnasium on 42 Street.  It goes all the way through Paseo Colón, then along Second Avenue and it finishes in front of the Church of the Solitude. This year, the grand marshal is the well-known cyclist Andrey Amador. 
    The people that come to the parade will be part of a spectacle full of color, lights and joy. It is an event for every member of the family and also foreigners and tourists that are visiting our country. Because of this, we recommend you to schedule this to be one of your activities. Also, we would like you to remember that, during these dates in the country, there are cold winds during the night and it is important to wear warm clothing and comfortable shoes due to the amount of hours you could be standing on your feet.  If you like, bring some snacks and a hot water vessel with a hot drink. 
    Big talent and creativity using lights.
    Jaco Ropes is a new adventure tour in Jaco, Costa Rica that will make your family vacation.  The tour can be completed by the entire family and the staff is always happy to help if you ever need it but you are always safe with the top of the line safety equipment.  Jaco Ropes Park has  green hiking trails that arrive until the beach.
    "The tour offers activities like elevated bridges, tire pass, surfing in the air and a Tarzan swing just to name the favourites"  said Jaco Rope´s personal.
    The new adventure zip line canopy tour is the most fun you can have in Jaco for $45, guaranteed. More information:

  • * More details about its attractions 

    The Gastronomy of this place is based on a gifted chef who creates his recipes inspired in fresh and local ingredients. He respects the zone’s culinary tradition integrity, including area’s collaborators who add their wide farm knowledge to each dish. According to what Blog Life and Travel in Costa Rica was told, they look for local farms with amazing products that fulfill international standards managing.  

    But, if you like the real adventure… There are 15 platforms used for the real adventure: 6 of them are located over the rock and 9 of them are hanging on the canyon’s walls. In addition, there is a “pendulum cable” called “Tarzan Swing” of fifty-feet-high, and a bridge called “Desafío” (Challenge) of ninety-feet-high. There are 4 via ferratas whose length is from 15 feet to more than 30 feet. There are 5 zip lines whose lengths vary from 260 feet to 800 feet.

    Something that the bicycles’ lovers enjoy in this place is the “Mountain Cycling Park” with unique and impressive views. The mountain cycling route of Río Perdido currently attracts cyclists from the whole world, not only from our country. The professional cyclists generally visit the place for only one day, and they choose a second day for another round in the eclectic route that offers solid rock parts, sand and soil that go through bridges, slopes, hillsides, and also, some gradients in the advanced route.

    This route offers incredible stops that include short walks to several panoramic viewpoints, two waterfalls, one cave, the ruins of a colonial house, and a thermal water spring that is naturally carbonated. This water spring was historically visited by the residents who were looking for its medicinal properties. However, there are also guided routes for leisure cyclists who only want to enjoy the landscapes.   

    And we do not end right here… There is still more to know about this majestic place, wait for our 3rd Part. 


    Photo by:  Río Perdido Hotel & Thermal River






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