• Imagine receive a 100% laser surgery to correct myopia , hyperopia , astigmatism and presbyopia, all in a simple quick procedure.

    This full laser tecnology  (bladeless) brings less flap related complications improving saftey and  better contrast sensitivity.

    What does bladeless means?  Traditional LASIK involves the use of a microkeratome to cut a thing, hinged flap of the eyes clear surface (cornea). This flap is then lifted for the application of the excimer laser to reshape the eye for the vision correction. Femto second LASIK uses high energy laser to create the flap which is more predictable and with better visual results.

    Femtosecond laser assisted cataract surgery…

    This laser will create the corneal incisions, the capsulorehxis, and the cataract lens division for easy extration,  improving patient outcome and safety. When you use Femto Laser tecnology with Premium intraocular lenses like the multifocal or the toric lenses, it improves the visual results, said Dr. Zlatko Piskulich Crespo-Oftalmology in CR-Visualiza Clinic. More information:

    more information: