Personally, I am a lover of the Spa massages of some of the Costa Rican hotels. They are excellent! But this time I found it extremely pleasant and very different the option that offers Hermosa Beach, Guanacaste in its own beach to relax and say goodbye to the stress. 
    Mirna is one of those people from the area that you can find in Hermosa Beach while you are walking around. She, with her therapeutic chair decorated with colorful towels, is the one inviting you to a relaxing massage without thinking much!  This young woman from Guanacaste has 5 years of experience giving therapeutic massages at this beach. She has a diploma from the UTN (our National Technical University) in Guanacaste in therapeutic massage. She does her work in an unconventional manner, no in the traditional way a Spa will do it inside a cabin, but she offers her massages with the breeze of the beach, the sound of the waves and the freshness of palm trees, a unique experience for anyone. The massages the tourist visiting the beach request the most are: the relaxing massage, the therapeutic massage, the combined one or in "deep tissue" when stress strikes deeply. 
    She happily mentions how her massages can change the sate of mood of some of her visitors and can take away some problems such as fluid retention, inflammation, sciatic nerve and cases where stress hasn't been easily released.   For more information: 8527-4065. Ask for Mirna- Hermosa Beach Massages
  • “Enjoy your stay close to our greatest park… La Sabana”

    Are you the type of person who always packs your running shoes in your suitcase whenever you travel for business or pleasure? You can find a great option in La Sabana.

    This beautiful park is in the heart of the city and is the perfect scenario for running, walking, or just relaxing next to the lake.