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  • “Enjoy your stay close to our greatest park… La Sabana”

    Are you the type of person who always packs your running shoes in your suitcase whenever you travel for business or pleasure? You can find a great option in La Sabana.

    This beautiful park is in the heart of the city and is the perfect scenario for running, walking, or just relaxing next to the lake.


    It’s no secret that we live in an aging society.  There are families in Costa Rica that enjoy having four or five generations despite so many couples delaying or forgoing having children.   
    Traditionally, Costa Rican planning officials have forgotten to include an aging population in their development plans, which is often understandable given that mobility has not totally replaced the deeply ingrained expectation in our culture that senior citizens will live with and be cared for by their families.    
    The field of social gerontology has grown, however, and a long-term view of the needs of this population is being considered by the government, developers and professionals eager to share in society’s responsibility to care for them.    An inventory of local seniorfriendly facilities confirms that there is a scarcity of centers.
    Club Esmeralda is a private geriatric center specialized in caring for those 60 and over. Location:  Atenas, in La Garita.   More information: Facebook Club-Esmeralda or call (506) 2487-4007/2487-5805