Have you ever heard of the “cajetas” in Costa Rica? And how these are never missing after a family lunch or even dinner?
    They are homemade artisanal candy that Costaricans love as part of their traditions.
    In a small house in the center of Tarbaca about 5 or 6 kilometers from Aserri,  the ”Cajetas” have their place.
    Some “Cajetas” are made with powdered milk, coconut, nuts, peanuts and   macadamia. There are some made with a milk base and some made with “Tapa de Dulce” (a form of cooked cane sugar).
    At the “Casita de la Cajeta” you will find a delicious traditional treat to carry in your suitcase and share with your friends and family back home.
    For More information: 2230-6156. Located:  Tarbaca de Aserrí.