Hanzell Carballo is a young Costa Rican radio speaker, reporter, and radio producer who has been dedicated to this kind of works for more than 16 years. But, we should say that she also loves her country, mainly the beautiful Caribbean beaches.

    For this reason, as a singer-songwriter, she launched to the market a song with a striking video called “Costa Rica Pura Vida” (You Feel the Best in Costa Rica). This musical piece is part of a record called “LUNA” (MOON). The people loved this record because it describes very well what we feel when we are in our beaches.

    This production’s line is “Pop root” that has some beachy air. As she says, we are very attracted to the beaches in Costa Rica. We can travel fast to those places to have fun; going to the beach is part of the Costa Rican Being.

    This song shows on its images Puerto Viejo at the Caribbean Zone where they made a lot of the video filming. Puerto Viejo is one of this Costa Rican young woman’s favorite places because it gathers bungalows, nature, crystalline water, and fauna with a non-commercial sense. In the same way, we can see Bahía Ballena and the Irazú Volcano, remembering of course, the mountains that look to the Central Valley. In this record, LUNA, Hanzell shared her ideas with the producer Cristián Labra Valldeperas. LUNA includes fusion, ballad, and also Costa Rican rhythm salsa.


    We invite you to listen to “Costa Rica Pura Vida” in our Blog to get excited to come soon to our exclusive and relaxing beaches. The LUNA record is available at Spotify if you want to download it and obtain it. More information:


    Photo by:  Hanzell Carballo


    Roberto Lugari is an architect, who loves his other ability to compose and produce “música electronica” (electronic music).

    Recently, he surprised us with his new song, titled “Quarantine 2020”. This successful production is instrumental with voices in English. The video has subtitles available in English and Spanish.

    Even with the Pandemic, he launched this catchy piece.  Dj Lugari says “the purpose of producing this song is because we are living in a time where the Pandemic has changed our lifestyle”.

    He wants to bring attention to how each of us can be filled with energy and positivity during these challenging times.  

    Have a listen to it.