Rio Perdido

  • In San Bernardo de Bagaces lowlands, in our Guanacaste Province, there is an incredible and maybe called “the only one” for many visitors. Its name is “Río Perdido Hotel & Thermal River.”
    It becomes more special, due to the elevated peninsula, formed by two converging canyons. This means that the cold-water-river “Río Blanco” (White River) joins the thermal waters of “Río Perdido” (Lost River), making a final “touch” in a third tributary.
    An interesting data is that the trees that grow in these canyons are huge, because they have an annual nutritive, mineralized water source. They grow up to 10 times more than the dwarf trees that are on the dry soils located in higher lands. These big trees can be as tall as the same canyon. This is a wonderful experience in sight!!

    In the rainy season, when all the foliage is plentiful and green, the canyon practically disappears from the eyesight. In addition, a bird flying over the same canyon could not be seen due to the plentiful river’s camouflage. It is indeed a lost river… This is the origin of its name: “Río Perdido” (Lost River). 

    This natural treasure was greatly inspiring this project’s development. Several years were dedicated to work in order to make this place accessible to the visitors in a sustainable way in which its natural beauty would be never endangered. It joins all the key elemental services in one main building, with three areas that cover less than the 1% of all the nature reserve. It uses almost all the existent trails, avoiding the deforestation. Next week, we will be back with the second part of this interesting project.     

    Photo by:  Río Perdido Hotel & Thermal River


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    The Gastronomy of this place is based on a gifted chef who creates his recipes inspired in fresh and local ingredients. He respects the zone’s culinary tradition integrity, including area’s collaborators who add their wide farm knowledge to each dish. According to what Blog Life and Travel in Costa Rica was told, they look for local farms with amazing products that fulfill international standards managing.  

    But, if you like the real adventure… There are 15 platforms used for the real adventure: 6 of them are located over the rock and 9 of them are hanging on the canyon’s walls. In addition, there is a “pendulum cable” called “Tarzan Swing” of fifty-feet-high, and a bridge called “Desafío” (Challenge) of ninety-feet-high. There are 4 via ferratas whose length is from 15 feet to more than 30 feet. There are 5 zip lines whose lengths vary from 260 feet to 800 feet.

    Something that the bicycles’ lovers enjoy in this place is the “Mountain Cycling Park” with unique and impressive views. The mountain cycling route of Río Perdido currently attracts cyclists from the whole world, not only from our country. The professional cyclists generally visit the place for only one day, and they choose a second day for another round in the eclectic route that offers solid rock parts, sand and soil that go through bridges, slopes, hillsides, and also, some gradients in the advanced route.

    This route offers incredible stops that include short walks to several panoramic viewpoints, two waterfalls, one cave, the ruins of a colonial house, and a thermal water spring that is naturally carbonated. This water spring was historically visited by the residents who were looking for its medicinal properties. However, there are also guided routes for leisure cyclists who only want to enjoy the landscapes.   

    And we do not end right here… There is still more to know about this majestic place, wait for our 3rd Part. 


    Photo by:  Río Perdido Hotel & Thermal River






  • *More details about its attractions.

    Mmm… Volcanic mud just at South of the thermal canyon’s main access of Río Perdido. Here is a special pool of the hot river designed specifically for the distinctive volcanic mud treatment. This particular mud of high quality contains a lot of natural compounds, including Sulfur. 

    But, if your thing is Yoga, at the canyon’s side, this activity is being practiced at a level called “Very-Well-Done Meditation,” due to the fact that the unique and hidden Río Perdido’s environment is the perfect setting for reflection and meditation. While the thermal-mineral swimming pools at the thermal canyon and at the springs allow the guests to jump between the warm and cold water, three mineral swimming pools provide a space to explore the charming temperature variations allowed by the environment. 

    The Spa “Bienestar” (“Well-being”) is a special place if you want to treat an old injury or simply relax, although an ordinary bath in any thermal water would be the ideal beginning to pamper your body.    “Hiking” is ideal in this place for those visitors who are looking for the exploration of the nearby zone taking walks. The walks generally end in panoramic viewpoints, one of them is very attractive, it is called “MESA NORTE” (“NORTH TABLE”). In this place, from the peak, one can see all the Guanacaste Province Volcanoes, including Miravalles Volcano, Rincón de la Vieja Volcano, and Tenorio Volcano. 

    Other interesting experiences with more adrenalin in this place are “Tubing” at Río Blanco and “Tubing” at Río Perdido where modern equipment is safely applied for the people who participate in them.

    Río Perdido Hotel & Thermal River currently offers the Original East Bungalows and the Center Bungalows. The last ones have a wider space and a “corbel” balcony: Its rear façade’s width is of 40 feet and it has windows from the floor to the ceiling. This allows a panoramic and gleaming view to the forest, including the volcanic rock floors of local origin and the teak wood panels. There is no more to tell about this place, because it deserves your live and direct visit. Río Perdido is waiting for you as part of your visit to Costa Rica. More information:

    Photo by: Río Perdido Hotel & Termal River