Do you like coffee, but really good coffee? Then you have to visit "Castilla Coffee House" in Barva, Heredia, where Diego, a young economist and a coffee lover such as his dad, Mister William, will offer you an excellent cup of coffee with a different taste to those you have tasted before. The coffee they offer to the visitors comes from the main coffee producing areas of Costa Rica and is of gourmet type top quality. 
    You can choose the coffee you wish, choosing between a more acid, intense, sweet, flavored or more balanced taste. Additionally, you will find delicious homemade snacks that they prepare themselves for these special cups of coffee. Part of the experience that you will live is that any information you wish to know about the Costa Rican coffee, any details, history or others, they will know how to answer you because they have been and always will be true coffee lovers. "What better experience is having a coffee... but informed". 
    Further remembering that Costa Rica is one of the best coffee producers in the world, especially for its quality and not volume.
    Café Castilla has been 11 years in the same place with the main intention of offering the "diversification of coffee by region in Costa Rica".
    Location: Barva, Heredia, 125 meters south of the Municipality. You can also find them using Waze. They are open Monday to Saturday from 9:30 to 20:00.
    If you are looking for a fun one day activity to do in our beautiful country and you enjoy fishing, Tilapia Park is a great option for you. Here, you can find a respite from the city and spend some time in nature while you fish for your own launch or eat a fresh ceviche. c
    This place is a beautiful park that has a restaurant, trails to hike in, and lots of nature to submerge in. It is located in Turrucares de Alajuela, a place with warmer weather than San José.
    Take this into account when preparing for the trip and make sure you wear something fresh and comfortable… and remeber your cap and sunscreen! Sneakers are a good if if you plan on hiking in the park. 
    Most dishes in the restaurant are in the 6-12 dollar range. It´s a great place for a family trip or to enjoy some time alone fishing. Getting there is really quick through the 27 Route.  
    More information:

    *Made in Costa Rica
    Do you like vegan-vegetarian food? Or do you like to eat in a healthy and different way, possibly with vegetables and legumes you have never used in your kitchen? We have for you an excellent recommendation very close to San José. 
    We went, with this hot weather, to the restaurant Neshuma, located in the center of San Pedro, 10 or 15 minutes away from San José downtown. In this occasion we ordered a Neshuma style pizza with eggplant and vegan cheese... and it was delicious!!  And of course, we ordered a craft beer called La Selva-Rubia, from the area of Guanacaste. It is made with orange peel. 
    Neshuma, with its relaxed and fresh environment, offers among its specialties the dish of the day made in a creative way, bakery made at home, and a complete menu of other choices, where you can find pizza, "pastoreo" ice cream, raw clusters, craft beers from different regions of the country, tea such as the lavender tea, Costa Rican organic wines and some gluten-free products. 
    Do not hesitate in visiting this restaurant if you like vegan or vegetarian food with a good taste, a fair price and very close to the city. 
    For more information:   Location: Comercial Plaza San Pedro, San Pedro, San José, Costa Rica

    Are you visiting Costa Rica for business or pleasure? You cannot miss the opportunity of tasting the delicious Caribbean cuisine of our country. You will find it very accessible or almost normal if you visit for tourism the Atlantic area, but it will take you a few hours traveling there. For this reason, we give an excellent option if you are only staying in San José and not planning on visiting the Atlantic area. This alternative, very close to San José donwtown, is called "Caribbean Delights" in Tibás Coffee and Lunch. 
    This little restaurant, decorated with many colors of the Caribbean culture, offers you diverse snacks and Caribbean dishes for lunch, a coffee in the afternoon or a dinner prepared in a rapid way. Among the dishes they offer you can find: patty, rice and beans, plantains, Caribbean sweet bread, chicken-meat or fish Caribbean style, banana and carrot cupcakes, and of course, the refreshing Caribbean drinks such as  "hiel" with sugar, lemon and ginger, and the "sorrel" with Jamaican rose and ginger. But the most different thing about this place is the delicious Caribbean sauce they prepare. You will want to put more of this sauce to your Caribbean dish. 
    Location: San Juan de Tibás, Plaza del Valle. Only 10 minutes away from San José downtown.
  • Have you heard about the famous “Churchill” in CR? 

     It is a product usually sold in Puntarenas, Costa Rica. Especially for relieve thirst an heat.

    The ingredients are ice, kola syrup, condensed milk, powdered milk, and sometimes it includes ice cream and wafers.

    Now you can get it in a different way.   Also known as a Churchill’s Ice Cream.  The taste is very similar to the original crushed ice Churchill’s of Puntarenas. 

    With your visit to CR you should try them. They are delicious!!! You can get this product in San José:

  • As many people have heard, the Costa Rican Beaches are one of the main country’s treasures to be known. There are many beautiful and different kind of beaches in the Pacific and in the Caribbean Coast. Some of those beaches are quite different among them due to the fact of their sand color. This is the case of Conchal Beach, located in Guanacaste, at the Pacific Coast. Conchal is recognized for its white sand composed by miniature shells. This beach has its contrast on the crystalline light blue and green sea water colors. 

    For this reason, our Blog went to Conchal Beach. It is located six hours in car from San José. We were driving a comfortable tall vehicle Daihatsu Bego, we got it at National Rent a Car, in Costa Rica. This place has always prepared us an excellent package tour to make long travels in the country. It contains all coverages, good car quality, and support.
    Only the route getting to Liberia City was amazing to see the first beaches that are along the way. We stopped once or several times to drink a coffee with a delicious typical breakfast that cannot be absent for our tourists.

    This time, our place to stay was the Westin Golf Resort & Spa Playa Conchal, an All Inclusive Resort. This time was our first experience there.  We arrived to a fully personalized attention with a high standard on its food service. It also has a high standard service on its rooms’ presentation. We could see all that since the first day. Of course, the first thing we did was going to our room to change our clothes to go directly to enjoy the white-shell-beach and its beautiful dusk.

    We stayed in that hotel during three full days. We were surrounded by its lush and green vegetation. The people who work there are so kind to the customers with an excellent attention for them.   It is very pleasant that we could savor every dish prepared with fresh seafood, drinking a good refreshing beverage. This is a place to come back and take areal rest.  






  • Products based on sweet or dry corn, they offer sweet and savory foods for your enjoyment. Some of the ingredients used are sugar, cinnamon, cloves, butter and cheese.

    These products can be combined with hot drinks such as coffee or cold ones such as horchata and resbaladera.

    The new restaurant Saúl Bistro, located in Curridabat, keeps inside its walls a history of nearly one hundred years. The first owners of this house gave to it a great personality by introducing exuberant flora and promoting harmonious environments. 
    Besides the somewhat eclectic style that you can experience in this new restaurant, you can find a varied menu where the famous crepes stand out, as there is broad selection of both sweet and savory options. This makes it difficult to decide what to order.
    Just as the crepes, there is also a broad selection of cold, hot and alcoholic beverages. Also, you can find gluten-free products and vegetarian options. 
    This can be an excellent destination for you, your friends and your family, where you can taste a good coffee, a glass of wine or a natural energetic drink. Or, if you wish, you can have a delicious lunch or dinner. The brand Saúl Bistro first entered our country trough its stores dedicated to selling causal and elegant clothing for men. But now, it has made its incursion into gastronomy with a truly unique style that promotes a contemporary atmosphere combining European avant-garde with a solid Latin identity. 
    More information: 2279-0111/ 2279-0202. Location: Curridabat  Facebook:

  • The peach-palm is the fruit of a tropical palm tree. The peach-palm is very high in fiber and it is one of the “previous-cooked” fruits most used by Costa Ricans to enjoy a delicious morning or afternoon coffee. Normally, the peach-palm is cooked in boiling water with a tad of sugar and a tad of salt during 45 minutes. Once it is cooked, it is peeled and eaten individually, cut in the middle. It can also be eaten with a little mayonnaise on it.

    The complete peach-palm’s bunch to cook can be gotten at the Farmer’s Market, in different provinces of the country, mainly on weekends. The peach-palms can also be gotten already cooked and packed, or also recently boiled, ready to eat in the main country’s markets or supermarkets.

    The peach-palm is currently an exclusive ingredient for creams, salads, and typical dishes of many restaurants in Costa Rica. For this reason, the peach-palm (pejibaye) is something that you should taste during your next visit, on its different preparations. 

    Photo by:  Blog Life and Travel in Costa Rica 

    Have you ever heard of the “cajetas” in Costa Rica? And how these are never missing after a family lunch or even dinner?
    They are homemade artisanal candy that Costaricans love as part of their traditions.
    In a small house in the center of Tarbaca about 5 or 6 kilometers from Aserri,  the ”Cajetas” have their place.
    Some “Cajetas” are made with powdered milk, coconut, nuts, peanuts and   macadamia. There are some made with a milk base and some made with “Tapa de Dulce” (a form of cooked cane sugar).
    At the “Casita de la Cajeta” you will find a delicious traditional treat to carry in your suitcase and share with your friends and family back home.
    For More information: 2230-6156. Located:  Tarbaca de Aserrí.


    The carambola (also known as star fruit) is a yellow tropical fruit with an interesting shape, specially when cut into slices because it takes the shape of a star. Today we will talk about it, as you will see it very often in some drinks or dishes in Costa Rica.


    It is used to prepare a delicious refreshing drink giving it a bittersweet taste. Or well, when it is ripe it can be eating in slices or made into jam or jelly, or it can be used as decoration in a typical dish.


    Its benefits go from a nice flavor to health benefits, as it contains Vitamin A, essential for the sight, good skin conditions, hair, mucous membranes and the good functioning of the immune system.  It is said that because of its high water content it is ideal for people looking to lose weight. Also, the vitamin C content helps with the collagen formation, bones and teeth, red blood cells, and resistance to infections.


    The carambola comes originally from Indonesia, but it has been introduced in tropical regions with good results, such as the Costa Rican case.  Because of its refreshing effect you can easily find it in the supermarket of in local "verdulerías" (local shops specialized in fruits and vegetables of the country).


    Carambola juice... Take 4 carambolas (you have to wash them and cut them into pieces first), 1 liter of water, sugar (the amount you like) and ice... and put everything into the blender, then pass it trough a fine strainer. And enjoy!!


    "La Carambola" in Samara Beach


    For the soup lovers, in Costa Rica there is a famous and powerful "Olla de carne". It literally means "Beef soup". Probably since a long time ago, it has been made in the homes of the Costa Rican people. Our great-grandparents and grandparents cooked the soup as a staple food during the week. They cooked it with vegetables produced in their own homes or acquired in exchange with their neighbors for other products they have grown. Back at the time, the "Olla de carne" was an affordable meal for the majority of the population. Since it was made in huge cooking pots, large families could eat from that pot and always with great health benefits.  
    The traditional "Olla de carne" is a broth containing vegetables such as potato, yucca, yams, corn, tiquisque, ñampí, bananas, carrots, tacacos, plantain, squash, and, of course, small or medium pieces of beef. When the broth is cooked, it is used to complement the other ingredients.  Additionally, it has "olores", which are a mix of herbs and spices of vivid colors like cilantro, onion, red pepper, celery, garlic, and others, depending on the person that is cooking this delicious recipe. 
    If you like to try the authentic beef soup, be sure to visit the Central Market, located San José downtown. Also, you can visit some of the restaurants that offer typical food; you can find them in every province. One option is the Restaurant and Café "Las Delicias" in the center of Zapote in San José, where every Wednesday they offer this dish to their visitors. This is an excellent choice if you want to try the Costa Rican cuisine that will revive your senses. 
    More information: 2283-9935 / Location: Zapote, San José / Facebook:
    Delicious Olla de Carne
    Today I wish to tell all of our followers in this blog which are the most famous traditional foods in Costa Rica during Christmas. 
    We will start with the "tamal", a meal that cannot be lacking in many Costa Rican homes. This meal is mead with corn dough and each family prepares it in a unique way.  It has different ingredients that are previously cooked and prepared, like carrots, sweet pepper, hemstitch, rice, and pork meat. In some cases, some people add potato cut in squares, olives, eggs, raisins, or ever plums.
    Also, some people prefer chicken instead of pork or even some other options for vegetarians. The tamal is later wrapped in green bananas leaves that have been previously put in a pan. People use a rope to tie it up.
    Later, the tamales are boiled a few hours so the dough can be cooked, they have normally a rectangular shape. The traditional tamales can be cooked for breakfast, lunch or even dinner.  It is a very flexible meal in the Costa Rican cuisine during the Christmas season. Additionally, you can have it with a good coffee or with an "aguadulce", a typical sweet Costa Rican drink. Also, if you wish for the tamal to have more flavors , you can put a spoon-size amount of "salsa inglesa" (Costa Rican sauce) to it. You can find the tamales in many homes in Costa Rica or in different establishments such as restaurants or sodas.