*From June 29 to July 9
    Our country is currently celebrating FIA- International Arts Festival. This XV edition, organized by the Ministry of Culture and Youth (MCJ) and Artistic and Cultural Producción Center, seeks to disseminate, strengthen and promote the Costa Rican artistic production. FIA is the major cultural and artistic event in Costa Rica, and it has become a bridge for the cultural exchange from all over the world.
    This year it will be gathering the best national and international artists to strengthen and stimulate the artistic development and to promote the exchange between countries and artists. In this opportunity, there are going to be reunited 17 countries with 56 artistic spectacles. 
    FIA has been held since 1989 in Costa Rica and the main targets are students, families, and college professors with some activities in school centers; and of course, to every person that wishes to enjoy these events in theaters and other places with their entry ticket. There are, as well, outdoor activities that are completely free, such as concerts. 
    In the National Park and "Casa del Cuño" there is going to be a great variety of beautiful products made by 160 Costa Rican artisans and designers. If you are in Costa Rica and you like art, you have to attend FIA! 
    Photos by:  MCJ-Press and Communication
    Have you ever heard of the “cajetas” in Costa Rica? And how these are never missing after a family lunch or even dinner?
    They are homemade artisanal candy that Costaricans love as part of their traditions.
    In a small house in the center of Tarbaca about 5 or 6 kilometers from Aserri,  the ”Cajetas” have their place.
    Some “Cajetas” are made with powdered milk, coconut, nuts, peanuts and   macadamia. There are some made with a milk base and some made with “Tapa de Dulce” (a form of cooked cane sugar).
    At the “Casita de la Cajeta” you will find a delicious traditional treat to carry in your suitcase and share with your friends and family back home.
    For More information: 2230-6156. Located:  Tarbaca de Aserrí.

    *This is going to be a pleasant and small tour close to the city.
    We came to a sweet spot and, above all, charming to the palate for all of us that enjoy chocolate. This place I am telling you about is the "Chocolatería Britt", a store that for sure is going to be completely new for those that have not visit of heard about it. 
    But hey, what a better way to start the tour than with an excellent tasting of the Costa Rican coffee to get to know every corner of this chocolate store. 
    Many can imagine that the Britt brand is just "good coffee" from Costa Rica, and what they do not know is that now this brand also offers a line of delicious and exclusive products based on cocoa. We could find in our visit: various seeds for the best taste of each person, covered in chocolate, truffles, tropical fruits from the country (such as berries, passion fruit, cas, orange, all of them with chocolate), attractive and giant chocolate bars, and for a stronger and different flavor to our palate there are the cocoa beans covered with chocolate. It is hard to know what to choose between all of these delicious products.
    Besides the pleasant attention given in the store for the acquisition or tasting of the products, we could observe that the products have been design in an exclusive way following a great artisan process. Some of them call our attention, like the "Naranja Confitada" and the famous french "Macaroons" that have been tropicalized into our tropical fruits that, of course, you should taste when you take the tour in this store. 
    *Chocolatería Britt belongs to the Britt brand, a brand of gourmet and innovative products: gourmet chocolates, cookies and other products. 
    Opening hours: 10 am to 8 pm. Location: second floor, third stage of Multiplaza Escazú. Facebook: