Hot Springs

  • Hot Springs...Impossible not to visit them!!!

    You are in Costa Rica for vacations and you want to visit a different place that can bring you some rest and relaxation. Be sure to visit the delightful Hot Springs in La Fortuna in San Carlos. 
    Several hotels and recreation places in the area offer this relaxing Hot Springs that come from the Arenal Volcano. Some of these pools appear to be concrete pool while others are built of stones and are surrounded with the exuberant vegetation of the area.  They have different temperatures to suit the visitor. Some of the well-known places where you can find these Hot Springs, with great benefits for body and mind in La Fortuna in San Carlos, are: Baldi Hot Spring, Tabacón Grand Spa, The Royal Corin Spa, Arenal Manoa & Hot Springs, and others. 
    These places not only offer a relaxing hot bath, but also an excellent view of the Arenal Volcano. And if the visitor gets lucky, he or she might enjoy a live demonstration of the volcano eruption. Moreover, there are other additional services like meals included in special packages with the entrance. In some cases, there is a Spa, if you wish even more relaxation. If you are going to visit the Hot Springs, it is important to remember to carry sandals, comfortable tennis shoes, waterproof bag in case of rain, sunblock, hat, towel, clean clothes and waterproof jacket. But just in case, in those places you can also borrow beach towels included with the entrance.  

    Mineral-medicinal hot springs awaiting you

    Enjoy real nature in Venice of San Carlos, in Alajuela Province, Costa Rica where you will find a perfect blend of health, leisure, entertainment and adventure.

    RECREO VERDE has the best hot springs 'mineral-medicinal" of Costa Rica. Because the type of thermal water is a Hyperthermal, chloride, Bicarbonate magnesium, sulfated, sodium and calcium of strong mineralization water, it helps to prevent and correct problems in health.